Friday, 9 June 2017

Pure Water Machines

You are on this page probably because you have finished building your pure water factory and you need equipment to start producing your water, or you are here because you need general information about setting up your water factory. Whatever your reason for being on this page, you have come to the right place.

Machines needed to produce your water is either the sachet filling machines or the bottling machines. The bottling line machines are either full bottling line or semi bottling line.

Model:                                  AS1000                                         AS2000
Capacity:                              1500-2200bags/Hour                     1500-2200bags/Hour
Volume:                                220ml-500ml                                  300ml- 1000ml
Power:                                 220v/380v 1.6kw                           220v/380v  1.8kw

Film Width:                          320mm/240mm                               320mm/380mm   
Weight:                                400kgs                                            450kgs
Size:                                     970x870x1970mm                          1100x900x2100mm

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