Prices of Electronics Slashed Almost by Half

Start Your Week On A High With These Low Prices. Do you know that prices of electronics like Flat screen television, Home Theater, and even phones have been slashed down almost by half.
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Get Your Mackerel Fish Here

The Mackerel fish which is commonly known as the Titus fish in Nigeria can easily be identified with its unique vertical stripes on its back and deeply forked tail.

Mackerel is also known as maccarello, it is an important seafood fish which is consumed worldwide. 

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Our PR, Online Marketing & Advertising Options

Whether you are corporate business owner or an individual you need a professional to manage your online presence. ACKCITY provides online marketing and PR for clients who wants to be relevant online.

Answers to FAQS


1. What is ACKCITY All About

ACKCITY Enterprises provides media and business consultancy services.

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2. ACKCITY Location

10 Badejo Kalesanwo Street, Obagun Avenue, Fatai Atere Way, Matori, Lagos, Nigeria.

We are online 24 hours and respond to enquiries every day of the week from 9am to 5pm except on Sundays.

Pure Water Business Set-up Manual

ACKCITY's pure water business consultancy set-up manual for entrepreneurs who want to set up a pure water business either in large scale or even at a small scale.
The manual is about 14 pages Microsoft document  that contains all the information and guide that you  need if you want to start a pure water business, either sachet or bottling line in Nigeria.
After reading through the manual you will have almost the total knowledge you require to run you pure water business. You can also contact our consultant to request for more information on any of the areas you may have difficult.

About Us

ACKCITY is an information portal providing News, Entertainment and Business consultancy services.

ACKCITY's information platform provides daily; News, Entertainment and Business consultancy and services for everyone who needs daily News, up to date Entertainment & Music, Information and bio-data of Who is Who personalities and important companies in the world, with a focus on Nigeria.

We also provide inspirational, motivational posts and short stories to our readers and fans from Nigeria and across the world.

Pure Water Machines

You are on this page probably because you have finished building your pure water factory and you need equipment to start producing your water, or you are here because you need general information about setting up your water factory. Whatever your reason for being on this page, you have come to the right place.

Machines needed to produce your water is either the sachet filling machines or the bottling machines. The bottling line machines are either full bottling line or semi bottling line.

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